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103: Talking about whoring...
Talking about whoring...

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So long, and thanks for all the fish
Yeah, I'm continuing the gaming theme....kinda. Just imagine any fast paced crazy-ass fighting game. Like any of the Dead or Alive games, or Street Fighter Alpha 3. Man that's one crazy game. As you can see I decided on using speech bubbles on this strip. I posted on the Penny Arcade forum, and a forumgoer suggested that instead of using the lines-to-speech system, I try using speech bubbles. Well, I tried, and they're just kinda hard to use. A bit unwieldy to use. Maybe when I learn how to use photoshop properly I'll use them again, otherwise I'll just stick with the lines system. This strip was done entirely on the computer, using just my mouse. Doesn't look too different, does it? Took a hell of a lot longer, though. There's a new review in the reader input section. Thanks a lot to gruv and kris. Why don't you send in some of your own reader input? Are you voting at the Gamer's Choice Top 25 and Top Web Comics 150? Why not? Anyway, it's time for Bizarre Linkage! Today's bizarre linkage is I'm A Cow. Great what people can do with flash nowadays, isn't it? Have you got some bizarre linkage you want others to see? Well leave a link in the all new ad-free Forum, and I'll put it up!
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<Tomcat> goddamn, you yanks would claim to have won vietnam if most of you could find it on a map
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