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104: Best. Movie. EVAR
Best. Movie. EVAR

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So long, and thanks for all the fish
Hey all! I actually got my hands on a copy of Army of Darkness about 2 weeks ago, and believe me, it's one goddamn great movie. I used this strip to illustrate excitement at meeting Tycho, but Gabe's reaction to Bruce "Jesus Christ" Campbell in this Penny Arcade strip is apt. I mean, Duke Nukem had nothing on the original. In case you were unaware, 3D Realms ripped off all of Ash's lines in the Evil Dead triology for Duke Nukem 3d. "Hail to the king, baby", "Come get some". It's all there. This is B movie at it's BEST, people! Get it NOW! Duke's original line in panel 3 was "The necromonicon is a book of ancient evil made out of human flesh and written in blood. What you're holding appears to be my copy of Catcher in the Rye with masking tape on the cover and 'Necromonicon' written on it. And you spelt it wrong". Unfortunately, that was a little too long and I couldn't make it fit into the panel. Just to let you know I can come up with better dialogue that what you see. This strip was also done up entirely on the computer. God I miss my optical mouse. This damn ball mouse I've been using sucks balls, to be quite frank. Whenever I try to do a curved line (Duke's hair, Nat's breasts, arms, etc), I get a wobbly-ass line that's 32% straight and a hojillion percent shaky. How come nobody has been leaving bizarre linkage in the all new ad-free Forum? It's ad free, for God's sake! I'm running out of crazy bookmarks to show you people. Well, today's bizarre linkage is a great comic that I want to recommend, Bob the angry flower. This is pure comedic gold, people! Compared with this guy, I'm Mr Saney McSaneSane of Sanetown, USA. Set aside a few hours and read through his archives. You will be in tears! TEARS I say! Good tears, that is. Are you voting at the Gamer's Choice Top 25 and Top Web Comics 150 every day? Don't lie to me.

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