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105: I need help
I need help

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So long, and thanks for all the fish
I don't know where the hell this one came from. I need help. Giraffes with rifles indeed. In other news, STILL nobody has left any bizarre linkage in the all new ad-free Forum. That's just being lazy. Shame, shame, shame. I'm sure everyone has some bizarre linkage to share. C'mon people, leave some will ya? I've got like 3 more bizarre linkages left before I'm gonna have to scour the net for crazy things. And I don't want to do that AGAIN because of the high porn content. Well, the bizarre linkage of the day is Inside Warehouse 23. It's a rather odd place with boxes and boxes full of stuff. Crazy stuff. Stuff that'll make your hair stand on, not really. But it's oddly engrossing. Check it out. You didn't vote at the Gamer's Choice Top 25 and Top Web Comics 150 yet, did you? Well what are you waiting for?
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* Donitz considers introducing Kil to Bob the Airlock
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