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108: Hentai freaks. rejoice!
Hentai freaks. rejoice!

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So long, and thanks for all the fish
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Heya all. This story arc has a whole bunch of possibilites...I just have to motivate myself to draw them all. I've added little storyline thingummies above the newsposts of any story arcs (well, just this one, and the Sancho arc) to make it easier for new readers. If anyone is having trouble reading Thanatos's 133t sp33k, just remember that 1 is i, 3 is e, 4 is a, 5 is s, 6 and 9 are g, 7 is t, and 0 is o. Okay? Okay. Drawing anime style is damn hard, and takes a lot of time to do....Nat especially. Tentacle hentai sex rape anime...err...stuff is a running joke among us in #3fs on Actually, we haven't used it as a joke in a while, but when we brought it up (don't ask), it gave me the idea for the punchline. Seriously though, ever notice how in most animes, the guy with the glasses either has secret hidden powers or instantly knows any sort of scientific knowledge? Almost as odd as how if you're the only female around, there's bound to be some disgusting tentacle fate in your future. Come to think of it, this newspost will be great search engine bait for all the hentai freaks out there! Come to me, pr0n seekers! Come to this completely misleading page that contains the words tentacle sex! Okay, now that I'm done baiting search engines, It's bizarre linkage time! Check out the Useless Knowledge random fact generator! Okay, some of these I already knew, but there's a lot of useless stuff there. Like the strip? Got more bizarre linkage? Leave something in the all new ad-free Forum.......Right after you've voted at the Gamer's Choice Top 25 and Top Web Comics 150

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Say, weren't there more tentacles in the last panel?

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