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109: The next one will be funnier
The next one will be funnier

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So long, and thanks for all the fish
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Okay....The next one will be funnier. Really. I just needed an excuse to stop drawing them in anime for the purposes of the next couple of episodes, and the fact that it's an assload of effort to keep drawing them that way. Think of it as me being clever and devious by emulating the way in which Dragonball Z has one semi-exciting part then farts about for like a week while we watch them clench their muscles and yell a lot. But look! Gratuitous cleavage shot! And Jesusman! Staring at Nat's breasts! Oh the hilarity. Laugh damn you! LAUGH! Ah to hell with this. Make with the votes at the Gamer's Choice Top 25 and Top Web Comics 150, and there'll be better comics. Really. Hehehe....fools. Oh wait, I'm typing instead of thinking things again. Better distract them quickly....BIZARRE LINKAGE TIME!! Okay everyone, more crazy flash things! I don't know how better to say it better than WEEEEEE!!!!!, except maybe GONADS AND STRIFE!.Yeah...errm....check it out. Got any more bizarre linkage? Leave it in the all new ad-free Forum

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