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112: I luv j00, cut & paste
I luv j00, cut & paste

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So long, and thanks for all the fish
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Hahaha....I'm such a lazy bitch. Which is also quite an odd thing to say since this is my 4th update in as many days. I think that's almost a record for me. Hey! 1 week off for a study break, what do I do? Do webcomics. Good work. I'm sure those assignments will just complete themselves. In other news, this comic was about 95% cut and paste. Oh the fun of being cheap and lazy. I'm sure you can feel that this is leading somewhere, and that maybe, just MAYBE it'll be something good. And you're getting pretty damn annoyed with all this filler space.....well welcome to the wonderful world of watching DBZ. I swear that the last few episodes I've watched must have been animated by sloths. Ooh! Vital story element! Now let's switch to Hercule farting about for about 10 minutes. Well, what better way to be lazy AND do comics, than follow the tried and true Dragonball Z style? I'm not going to subject you to another week's worth of Thanatos and Jesusman clenching their fists and yelling (although I was sorely tempted). The next update will be something new. I promise. Although it may be a little delayed in release because of what I'm planning. I'm not too sure if I'll be able to draw it properly. Funk Machine has started a storm in a teacup in the new ad-free Forum with his thread about women. I'd like everyone to give him a round of applause for his good work at starting people talking there. Jeebus, it's like a damn cemetary at times. You've been forgetting to vote at the Gamer's Choice Top 25 and Top Web Comics 150 haven't you? Well what are you waiting for? Vote NOW! The bizarre linkage of the day is this mpeg. It's a little under 1 meg, and comes from this site. And that's why we shouldn't drive on airport tarmacs, kiddies.

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I actually went back and made Nat's eyebrows SMALLER. You should've seen them before! Whew! Actually no, I'm lying. Keep looking

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