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130: No anal sex this time
No anal sex this time

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So long, and thanks for all the fish
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Okay, the funny title is a little hard to understand until you read the last few comics over at Shtank Interactive. Yep, there's a disturbing amount of anal sex related content going on there. This is just a quick update as I have things I need to study for in order to pass uni, so I will be able to at some point pay for food. I didn't know any other way of showing glue, so if you look closely at their arms, you see glue-colored stuff. Assume it's glue. Samus is supposedly working on a redesign for the site, but I think he's forgotten about it already. He probably has as short an attention span as me. Ooh! SHINY! Where was I? Oh yes, Giant ape juice.

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See the background of panel 4? That guy's spoon is too big, and his friend is a banana. I put that there

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