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131: Sweet Jeebus!!!
Sweet Jeebus!!!

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So long, and thanks for all the fish
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Holy flying sheznit, batman! It's Gabe and Tycho! From Penny Arcade for those not in the know. I actually had the idea for this strip way back when Tycho dropped into #3fs while I was there (read this newspost to better understand). Thanatos's reaction was my inital shock from meeting a comic god in the closest I'll most likely get to being there in person (unless I go to some sort of convention or something). Anyway. I'm done fawning now. I've got me a new MOUSE! Boooyah! The only problem is my hand is used to el shitza mouse when I'm drawing, so I find myself subconsciously trying to compensate for the mouse. What this means is I'm just not used to the new mouse yet. Give me a week or two. Have you had your dose of Giant ape juice. today?

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