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135: Mmm...Recycled jokes
Mmm...Recycled jokes

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So long, and thanks for all the fish
Ahoy there people. Another behind the scenes look at Bigger Than Cheeses. The links and faq sections have been updated. Check it out. Newly added comics include AnyDayHappyDay and Movie Comics. Check them out. In case you don't know, the proper punchline is "It's driving me nuts", preferably said in a piratey voice, for added comedic effect. Yeah, pirates make everything funnier. And I recycled the whole behind the scenes idea as well. Remember to check the ad-free forum for any announcements, as it's much easier for me to anounce there than put something here, where nobody reads. Yeah. You've been VOTING EVERY DAY, right? Okay. The announcement du jour is that I'm taking a little comic hiatus for a while in order to recharge my funnay batteries. I'll pull a Keir on you, and let you stare at the same comic for a week or two. Check out today's Bizarre Linkage in the meantime. Real life beckons
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<Samus> hey look, i fingered myself
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