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138: It's just that good
It's just that good

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So long, and thanks for all the fish
Oh.....My.....God. I saw episode goddamn two with Oohoo (from the ad-free forum) on opening day thursday. Let me tell you, George has learnt his goddamn lesson from Episode 1. I'm gonna try and not spoil anything, but it's just so tempting! The...the explosions! The lightsaber fight! The jedi battle royale against the droid army with millions of Kiwi clones of Temuera Morrison!! THE RAW EYE CANDY!! Episode 2 whoops ass over all the other Star Wars flicks action wise. And Jar Jar had, like, 5 lines. ANOTHER bonus! Anakin has grown up into one powerful jedi. Unfortunately with great power comes great whininess. Before he starts to go all dark side, he is the whiniest bitch you'll ever see on the screen. "Wah wah wah I'm a jedi now. Wah wah wah". Sheeeesh. I just wanted to slap the beejesus out of him. And the whole romance did seem a little...well....wooden. Natalie Portman is as hot as ever (or should that be evar?) especially in that backless number with the translucent dress...*drool*. And YODA! Yoda whoops ASS! He's the MAN! If you though Obi Wan's fight with Darth Maul at the end of Episode 1 was the best lightsabering you'll evar see, then wait till the JEDI BATTLE ROYALE, and then after that, YODA BREAKING THE SHIT OUT. Then Samuel L Jackson! And Jango Fett! The asteroid field!!! Oh many goodies. George has made up for the bloated festering corpse of Episode 1 in spades! He did it! The fat bearded son of a bitch did it! Sure, the dialog isn't top notch, but it's STAR WARS for god's sake, not high drama. You're watching it for the action and goodies, and he delivers in a tasty two and a half hour treat called Attack of the Clones. Today's Episode 2 themed bizarre linkage goodness is this 8 meg quicktime file. It's not exactly top notch (someone just took a camera into the cinema), but it gives you a glimpse of YODA GOING ABSOLUTELY INSANE WITH HIS CRAZY *ahem*.....err....just check it out. You must see this movie. NOW! Go NOW I say! Oh, and for the record, Yoda didn't say those things in panel 3, but otherwise, that's part of the movie

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You could call it...EYE-GASMIC. OH HO! I crack me up. I didn't redraw this one

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