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147: Aww...How cute
Aww...How cute

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So long, and thanks for all the fish
If you'd been reading the ad-free forum you'd know that comics production was temporarily halted while I got everything back to normal. You see, on the very day my holidays began, THAT VERY DAY mind you, my goddamn hard drive crashed. Yes. Great timing. That being a saturday, I was computerless until monday (I assumed) until I took it in to get said hard drive replaced. Replacing a hard drive is a two minute job, right? No, try two days. Two goddamn days to replace a hard drive. I swear those were the longest two days of my life. Lousy reality! ENTERTAIN ME! It would have taken even more if I hadn't gone down to the dealer myself and asked them just close the computer right now and hand it over already, I'll install the software myself. Sheesh. To top it off, I managed to catch a cold. One of those 'wake up at 2 in the morning with searing agony in your sinuses' colds. I'm not a hypochondriac or anything, but this was like some sort of super freaky evil mutant cold intent on killing me by producing about 25 litres of phlegm. Phelgm? How do you spell it? Ah to hell with it. Anyway, evil mutant cold sucked the energy from my limbs and made me run through two boxes of tissues (no shit) within a few days. Couple that with sleep deprivation as I try and get everything back to normal and it equals no comics for a while. I finally got my precious computer back only to discover I had all the cds I needed except for windows xp and wait yet another 3 days to get my hands on a copy of photoshop so I can finally put up a comic. Well that's it from me. How are you? And hey! Marauder of Fragtopia linked to this comic! Apparently he liked it. How about that? Check out his tres nifty reviews. Check out the latest round of propaganda from Apple. Yeah. I'm really going to switch to a system whose main selling points are colourful plastic and 'we can use office. Really'. Oh, and there's a 'Unix kernal', which is the only good part because Apple didn't make it themselves. I mean honestly...would you take advice from this guy? Gee, I sure know that when I'm considering the best gaming/business computer when I upgrade, the opinions of unemployed hippies and airhead bimbo housewives mean a lot to me. "Oh, the PC was such a horrid little machine". or "The speakers were just so tinny". Hey genius, there's such a thing as UPGRADING the speakers, rather than buying a whole new computer. Dumbass. Or the very realistic testimonials where someone who caught cancer from using PCs was magically healed when he touched an iMac. And, uh, he WON THE LOTTO! And MARRIED BRITNEY SPEARS! Bullshit. Goddamn mac idiots. "Yeah! You should change to a mac! We can run microsoft office!" Well so can my computer. And it can also play the latest games, and I can upgrade separate parts of it if I so desire. Or the "It never crashes!" line of bullshit. I made it crash within 10 minutes. On the other hand, it took me 2 months to crash XP. And that was because my video card overheated from playing the latest game which has yet to be ported to a mac. Read through the testimonials anyway. They're a good laugh. You'll spot the trend after a while:

  • "Self Employed"/Freelance/Artist (Unemployed bum. Or a housewife)
  • "PCs were just too hard! Macs are so intuitive!" (Too hard if you have an IQ of 5. And since when is dragging a disk onto a trash can for eject "intuitive"?! I don't pour spaghetti on my head when I'm thirsty)
  • "It's so colourful and great!" ("Hi! I'm a fucking child!")
  • "It never crashes! EVER!" ("I'm full of shit!")
  • "I'm normally a Unix Fan (yes, 'Fan'. Not user, 'fan')/Admin/Etc but..." ("...I'm actually a masochist!")
  • Okay...enough mac bashing....for now anyway. Hmm....bizarre linkage...bizarre linkage. Lousy bookmarks. All out of order. here ya go. Now I have to try and find some more tissues.

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