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150: Gypsyman, Gypsy...ah to hell with it
Gypsyman, Gypsy...ah to hell with it

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So long, and thanks for all the fish
Been visiting the ad-free forum? No? Well then, if reading a forum is too much effort, the least you could do is vote and stop me from having to construct entire sentences out of a link.. Are you sensing a trend in the newsposts yet? Okay. I don't know what deep and dank recesses of my mind gypsyman came from. But here he is. And have you ever tried to draw someone biting someone else? It's hard, damnit! And that guy in the third panel is supposed to be wearing stockings over his head. Or a sock or something. I sorta got confused halfway through drawing him. And the 4th panel says 'HURT' in the background, in case you couldn't figure it out and it was secretly killing you inside. Anyway...I guess it had something to do with the spate of superhero movies that Hollywood loves to release, due to their box office hit-ness. Superman, Batman, X-men, Spiderman, Daredevil, The Hulk. The list goes on. Hell, you might even see a Jesusman movie. When pigs fly. Ha! I kill me. I spend quite a lot of time in #3fs (, port 6667), and one of the regulars is Deon. You know him. He features in High Ping Bastard every now and again. Anyhoo, it came to my attention that one of Deon's pet hates was being called McDeon. So naturally I went and made a little picture of McDeon in his happy clown outfit. Where's his happy clown makeup? Deon doesn't wear any faggy makeup. He's gonna make you eat that frigging makeup in a second so shut that hole in your face you shove food into. Enjoy. Oh, and umm...don't read it if you're a small child and obscene swearing will devirginise your ears or eyes or whatever crap they've come up with now. Well, check out today's bizarre linkage, Billy the gay doll. Yes, Billy is apparently the world's first openly gay doll. Ken being the one in the closet still. Well. I'm out.

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That radioactive gypsy effect looks a little TOO redr...good

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