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152: It's a big one
It's a big one

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So long, and thanks for all the fish
Yeah, uh, sorry about the last update. I was very very drunk. Well, I started out relatively sober, but was drinking while I was making the comic. Goddamn this was bigass monster comic to make. I tried drawing each panel, but it just looked like ass. And it's 1435 pixels tall. You've got a lot of scrolling to do. Talking about comics that make no sense, today's won't make very much sense unless you check out Jack Chick's christian propaganda squad and Alex Chiu, the drunkenest man alive!. This turned out to be a little harder than I expected in that there was just so much comedic creamy goodness between Jack Chick and Alex Chiu that I couldn't fit it all into 4 tiny panels. Hell, I had trouble fitting it into 7. There was just so MUCH to make fun of, I had a hard time choosing! There's ever so much variety, but I settled on Evilution. Trying to fit in the Alex Chiu absurdity was even harder. The end result was a rather unfunny mishmash of random ideas that floated into my head at 2am. Whoop dee doo. Way to kill a joke. Ah well. Maybe I should get an artist guy like Dill from 3 finger salute, or Gabe from Penny Arcade. Or at least a colouring guy like Joe Sunday from Sluggy Freelance. These guys are successful for a reason. And it sure would save me some time. Ah well, talking to myself again. I tried to make fun of a Jack's rather non subtle way of producing comics (or 'tracts' as he likes to call them), and the way in which any non-bible bashers inevitably bear an uncanny resemblance to the devil, or other devil related figures. This comic is a mockery of this tract in particular. can taste the lies. My particular favourite is that their proof appears to be errors produced from the earliest days of science, or vague generalisations about how "scientists" "say" that evolution is "wrong". I learned in high school chemistry that in extremely close environments (eg: in the nucleus of an atom) the gravitational (or whatever) pull of the protons and neutrons was stronger than the magnetic repelling. I'd go on, but I frankly don't care, and it's 4 in the morning. If you're desparate to dispute/agree with me, then leave something in the goddamn forum already. Fine then. Then just vote, and maybe I'll make comics that don't need so much pre-reading, and may even stop contructing longass sentences that are a single link. Oh, and the absurd line '90% accurate!' comes from Alex's newest super bestest site evar....!.
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[12:38] <M3wThr33> ?
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