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159: So very, very wrong
So very, very wrong

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So long, and thanks for all the fish
Whooooo!!! Shtank is back up! Sorry about the week long downtime, but Rav took down the server. If ever the server goes down, go and leave a message in the forum, and I'll supply any necessary details, including the list of other mirrors. Well, now that you're all here, you can start voting your asses off. Just two clicks, that's all I'm asking. I don't know about the details of these breast enhancement things, whether they're using hormones, placebos or some kind of weird-ass suction device. But they all promise to naturally boost your boobs without surgery. And for some reason they seem to be piling up in my mailbox all the time along with Britney Spears's lesbian adventures with J.Lo and Christina Aguilera. Man, that sounds pretty tempting. Maybe I should buy whatever they're selling. Well, this one originally only had one punchline, as you see in panel 3, but I decided to stretch it to it's illogical conclusion, growing breasts a la crops. Very, very disturbing indeed. I'm trying to keep to a loose MWF schedule for updating, but uni and fate's repeated gang raping is depriving me of both funny and time. Could someone knock up some sort of php updatey script for me? It'd be quite useful indeed. I tried the Autokeen updating system, but it wants dates, not just strip numbers. And I have no idea what the dates on these comics are, nor the effort to look at the modified tags. Well, time for me to go. Check out today's bizarre linkage, Ryan's Page of Fun and Lesbian Robot Erotica. Don't ask me how I found that.
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[12:27] <IndieJones> Goonigoogoo, is that you in your campic?
[12:28] <Goonigoogoo> the one that had a bright yellow arrow that said 'Me'?
[12:28] <IndieJones> Uh, yeah, that one.
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