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160: The secret ingredient is salt!
The secret ingredient is salt!

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So long, and thanks for all the fish
Hey, hey. Sorry about the late update, but I really couldn't think of anything funny. And when I found a whole bunch of funny things to do, I was far to dead to draw anything. Go leave some stuff in the forum, uh, pay you lots of *cough*monopoly*cough* money. Actually, not even that. Do you know how much postage costs nowadays? Well me either. But I'm sure it's a lot. Remember, voting every day makes sure you get to live another pain-free second. I originally gave this idea to tate to do for a guest comic, but he said he couldn't do anything funny with it. If I was able to draw better, panel 4 would be even more funny. And disturbing to boot. Well, this idea originally came from the ultra bad (and salty) candy reviewed in The Ultimate Bad Candy Website, but I think their server is down or something. Also, do you know how you tip out the crumbs from packets of chips to get the most flavour? Well I've done that with packets of pretzels to be rewarded with a mouthful of sweet, sweet salt. Not just once, mind you, but at least four times. Here's to rampant stupidity and pitiful short term memory! I recently got my hands on a "play" "station" "2" "console" and was wondering what games are good for it? I've already got Dead or Alive (you NEED the jiggling to live!) and possibly Devil May Cry on the list....But what else do you people recommend? Leave any recommendations in the forum. I might possibly also need to know what type of game it is, and why I should part with my precious money for it. Anyhoo, back to the world of reality. I'm out.
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[10:05] <Sam|Sex_in_the_City> Thing that turns him on the most: Stabbing Bryce with a fork.
[10:06] <Goonigoogoo> Yeah, I'd be pretty turned on by stabbing you with a fork
[10:07] <Sam|Sex_in_the_City> oddly, me too
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