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167: Again, not my fault
Again, not my fault

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So long, and thanks for all the fish
Another Shroom related comic! I should just get him to do the comic and I can wallow in my own crapulance all week long. Oh wait, I already do that. The forum holds a very important thread by the name of 'it is time...'. Important in that I will calling all of you precious readers by a name sooner or later, and it's your only chance to submit your idea for that name, lest you end up known as cheese toes or something. Yes, that was a suggestion. I'll try and do up a proper strip next week. Honest. I just needed the time to finish all those assignments and things. You know, the things I get marked on and will determine if I am able to get a good job somewhere down the track. Today's bizarre linkage is also donated by Mr Shroom, starring everyone's (especially shroom's) favourite chef, Emeril!. Now, I'm off to try and wrestle with the accursed hell spawned demons of Java. Note, this comic is very disturbing if you haven't seeing any/all of the following list: We Drink Ritalin, Hoohah, Yatta and everyone's favourite monkey, Super ninja vengeance monkey.
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