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176: How romantic
How romantic

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So long, and thanks for all the fish
Wahey. Well, I finally got the top score in tetris, but I had to settle for 300,000 instead of 1.2 million. Ah well, I guess #1 is #1. I was doing up today's comic when I realised that even though Duke and Nat are married, they don't really do all too much married stuff together. I don't really know exactly WHAT "married stuff" comprises of, but I'm sure it's a lot more than what they do now. It seemed kinda odd doing the dialogue as well, with all the 'honey' and 'sweetie' business. I guess it's just from the complete lack of affection in my life. *sigh* Ah well. You know the drill. Go to the forum, vote every day and look at the latest Bizarre Linkage

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I redrew this strip.


  ...but this isn't the one you're looking for

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IRC log humour at #btc. (For IRC, we recommend mIRC)
[17:12] <Sam|naked_and_wet> you REMEMBERED!
[17:13] <Goonigoogoo> I did?
[17:13] <Sam|naked_and_wet> i dunno, i'm tired
[17:14] <Sam|naked_and_wet> and naked and wet
[17:14] <Sam|naked_and_wet> and aaalll yours!
[17:14] <Goonigoogoo> get one of those bath robes
[17:14] <Goonigoogoo> it'll solve the naked AND the wet
[17:14] <Sam|naked_and_wet> what about the "all yours" part?
[17:15] <Goonigoogoo> I have to wait 7 days for my gun license to clear
[17:16] <Sam|naked_and_wet> indeed
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