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So long, and thanks for all the fish
Ummm....Right. I don't know what today's comic is supposed to mean. It was written on my ideas pad in the worst writing imaginable only as "Office Sidekick". Just to let you know, I keep a notepad next to my bed because my chronic insomnia is great for comic ideas, but not my sanity, which explains quite a number of other strips. Normally I'll just write down a few keywords to jog my memory, otherwise I'll lose the comic idea by the time I get back from uni and try and do a comic. I'll usually write down the punchline or theme of the comic so it'll hopefully come back to me. Ones that spring to mind are right in the bojangles, 133t dbz fight or possibly 692% RDI. Rather cryptic, no? Well, whatever the hell "Office Sidekick" originally meant must be a pretty close approximation of this comic anyway. I hope. Yes, I know it makes no sense. The 'what should readers be called' thread in the forum has almost passed its alloted time. Go and vote whether you want to be called Biggots or Cheesites. Or maybe if there are a number of you, you can vote for one of the other options. Some keen eyed individuals noticed my quick switch with the previous comic during last week. I wasn't too happy with the original fifth panel, so I spaced it out into three more to fix up the timing. That's the whole deal. No secret conspiracies. Sorry about that. You'll also notice the new, improved copyright stuff on the bottom of the comics from now on. It came to my attention recently that if you want to mark intellectual property as yours, you need to put the , year and your name. Soooo. Yeah. Are you voting for Bigger Than Cheeses every day? God loves it when you vote for btc! So does Satan! So hedge your bets and vote for us!. Check out the bizarre linkage, The Exploding Macintosh Homepage! Take THAT you little fucker! The log humour won't make all too much sense for the non dbz obsessed, so let me explain. In my close circle of friends, we have a running joke of yelling out "INCREDIBLE" or "How can a BOY have so MUCH POWER" in a Vegita voice because, well, I forget why to tell the truth. It's still funny nonetheless because we tend to do it at the most inopportune moments in a very loud voice. If you ever come by our university and hear a bunch of idiots yelling "IMPOSSIBLE! How can he be generating SO MUCH POWER" that's us. That's right kiddies, overacting is fun. Aaaaanyway, much to my delight, the other day when I typed out INCREDIBLE for no apparent reason, Beerman spotted the reference immediately. The same episode too! That's quite a feat considering how many times Vegita overacts and yells out INCREDIBLE, let me tell you. Basically, if you don't know the right voice to do, say the lines below with your teeth tightly clenched and in a halting voice as though you've been shot and you really have to take a shit
Bigger Than Cheeses

IRC log humour at #btc. (For IRC, we recommend mIRC)
[11:17] <Goonigoogoo> I wish I could yell all the time for no good reason. Just like in dbz
[11:17] <Ganner> and shudder
[11:17] <Beerman> these POTATOES are SO GOOD
[11:17] <Goonigoogoo> lmao
[11:17] <Ganner> hhhheeee cant be that strong!
[11:17] <Goonigoogoo> potatoes
[11:18] <Goonigoogoo> Do you have CHANGE for the PARKING METER
[11:18] <Beerman> the flavour.... is so STRONG! SO..... INTENSE!
[11:18] <Beerman> bahahaha
[11:18] <Tony> lol
[11:18] <Beerman> parking meter
[11:18] <Beerman> this is some funny shit right here.
[11:18] <Ganner> i have to take a SHIT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! BBBBBBAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHH
[11:18] <Beerman> "Vegeta vs REAL LIFE SITUATIONS"
[11:18] <Goonigoogoo> these WEDGES are INCREDIBLE
Bigger Than Cheeses
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