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178: How I wish I was joking
How I wish I was joking

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So long, and thanks for all the fish
Have you ever tried drawing a flag? It's fucking hard! And those goddamn nazi symbols are no walk in the park when you're trying to compensate for curved surfaces and whatnot. In the end I just gave up about the whole wavey flag business. Anyway, it's great to know just how easily your right to free speech can be completely and utterly obliterated. Oh wait, what am I talking about. We don't HAVE legally protected freedom of speech. God I love Australia. Yes, there was a Securilty Legislation Amendment Bill, and it was disturbing how I absolutely did not have to exaggerate this one at all. Under their broad definitions of terrorism, basically everything (including protesting) could be declared a terrorist act. Hell, if these laws were in place a few years ago, Australia's own actions in East Timor's independance would be terrorism. I sure do love how little dipshit johnny is so gung ho on this whole violation of human rights thing. I mean SURE dubya is bombing the fuck out of civilian targets, but he isn't LOCKING THEM UP AND TORTURING THEM! Hoo boy! Now we've got some fucking initiative! And not just military targets either! We take refugees and lock them in tin sheds in the middle of the desert! GO US! What's that? UN Human rights violation? PFFT! We never signed any declaration! And if we did, we WON'T FUCKING HONOUR IT! HAHAHA! And we're not signing that anti-torture agreement either! But we're not hiding anything. Honest. The best that the proponents of mandatory detention for refugees can come up with is "You think ours are bad? Well look at INDIA!". Now I'm not dissing on India or anything, but when a supposed first world country is comparing it's refugee centers to India and Pakistan's, you KNOW you've got some seriously evil shit going down in there. I can just imagine what this does for public relations with other countries as well. Come to Australia! The country of rampant xenophobia, where everything is poisonous and HITLER IS OUR FUCKING ROLE MODEL. Auschwitz anyone? I'm surprised Johnny hasn't just gone the whole hog and started gassing the fuck out of anything that is even remotely muslim. Argh. It's too late and I'm too sleepy to talk about this. Go to the forum and leave your views on our HUMAN RIGHT VIOLATASTIC NEW BILL! Okay. Goon sleep now. Go and vote for me and check out the bizarre linkage, This page. I forget what it is, but from the url it's apparently a human for sale. Oh, and a shout out of mad props to my scott bakula loving friend (see below) Fenris of Aikida. Today's strip about enterprise: GOLD.
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<Fenris> SO SEXY
<Beerman> yes. so sexy.
<Beerman> you worry me
<Goonigoogoo> soo...I SHOULDN'T click it?
<Goonigoogoo> It's scott bakula
<Goonigoogoo> Fenris, is there something you're not telling us?
<Fenris> Nooo
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