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180: Public service announcement!
Public service announcement!

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So long, and thanks for all the fish
This has been bugging me. Who DOES arbitrarily decide it would be cool and or "spiritual" to get metal rammed through your body, inserted under your skin, or heated white hot and jammed into your flesh? Obviously those damn farmers, trying to find a replacement for their beloved cows! And if you want to know if it was REALLY necessary for me to draw that woman getting her boobs milked with accompanying breast milk everywhere...YES IT WAS! We have to stop these farmers at any cost! She had a brand on her ass too, but I cut it out for reasons I forget. Probably because there are people who'd find this erotic. Stile project frequenters, I'm looking in your direction. Also, it's not officially the future until everyone starts wearing bi-colour unitards, and/or robot shit on their heads


  You found it!!! This is the secret replaced btc! If you really want to know, the comic this is replacing is the 2002 9/11 "memorial", which was just a black square. Either you noticed the different copyright details on the bottom, the drastic art style difference, you have a good memory and recalled this wasn't in the archives, checked the funny looking irc log, or noticed the different coloured text below. Either way, good work! And yeah, most of the "400" image messages were red herrings. Plus the newspost. And if you haven't done so already, hilight the rest of the text

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[11:19] <Darius|FFT> hey deon can I ahve a cup of your MANayse --- --- ---
[999:999] <Goonigoogoo> Hey! Down here! This is the changed strip!
[999:999] <Goonigoogoo> Yeah, over here! Look!
[999:999] <Goonigoogoo> Are you looking? This is the one!
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