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181: I hate them all
I hate them all

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So long, and thanks for all the fish
Hiya Cheesites. I know I promised a funny comic but today's one I really wanted to do, so I couldn't think of a good punchline. You know how in school there was always some guy who had a chronic cough that interrupted everything you were trying to learn? And you know how he at least tried to cover up the loud, continuous, echoing noise out of a sense of decency? Well in uni those idiots seem to lose that sense. Plus there's a good couple of dozen or so of them. Honestly. cover your mouth or something. I can't find the looping 2d array whatever if you're too busy hacking up some shit over there. And the guy who feels it's better to keep sniffling than blowing his nose once. For the love of god! BRING SOME TISSUES! Blow your noise in a piece of file paper if you have to just SHUT THE HELL UP! ARRGGGHH. Personal tirade comics usually aren't funny, but I feel a certain obligation to.....Oh who the hell am I kidding. I HATE THEM! I HATE THEM ALL! I wish they were DEAD! A POX ON YE, FOUL COUGHERS!! Ahem. Sorry about that. Dragging myself out of my nice warm bed at 6am to make my 8am boring lecture is even less enticing when I have to sit next to mister sniffles for 45 of the slowest minutes of my life. You have noooo idea how close I was to snapping this week. Oh, the twitch was there. I'm also a bit rushed on this comic because I'm sooorta (read: royally) behind on some work. Damn java. And there's some various maths related things to do as well. Regular funnary begins next week when my two week "study" break begins. And then I've got a whole bunch of assignments and tests to do at once after that. Ah well. You know the drill, forum, vote and bizarre linkage. In today's case it's not so much a link as a useless file! That's right, it's pi calculated to one MILLION decimal places. Thanks Tony! Don't even ask where he got it from, or why I have it. Mmm. Pi. It's 681k zipped, and aboot 1.8 megs unzipped. That's just text, mind you. One more thing: Go and visit my chillin' homie...dude....person...guy Chris over at Polymer City Chronicles. It just hasn't been his year what with domain hijackings, being between jobs, and a whole bunch of other annoying things that would drive any mortal man insane. Anyhoo, with all the recent events he's been running low on the proverbial bling. Bling is money, right? No money = no rent which definately means no internet connection and no more comic. And if there's no comic, then none of us will sleep at night without knowing just what the hell is up with those freaky floating crystals. And where else can you see women with boobs bigger than their head? Actually...don't answer that one. So dig deep and send over some emergency cash to tide him through this tough time.
Bigger Than Cheeses

IRC log humour at #btc. (For IRC, we recommend mIRC)
[14:13] <Wang_Ninja> it's times like these I wish I had more stuff around here to eat
[14:22] <Beerman> its times like this I notice I'm not wearing pants
[14:22] <Wang_Ninja> I wish I wasn't wearing any pants
[14:22] <Wang_Ninja> it's fucking hot over here
[14:23] <Beerman> its hot over here too, baby
[14:23] * Beerman rubs his nipples
[14:23] <Beerman> err
[14:23] <Beerman> anyway
[14:23] <Wang_Ninja> well, now that I won't be able to sleep, how's things?
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