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182: Laugh, damn yuo!
Laugh, damn yuo!

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So long, and thanks for all the fish
Blargghhh.....Okay, so it wasn't too funny. And I left the other one up for a whole week while I bummed around. And by bummed around I meant worked on the gigantic backlog of assignments/labs/various minutia. Okay, I've got a two week "study" break so there should be some form of funny within those two weeks. Hopefully. And yes, I did spell it 'yuo' on purpose. The sexay lady is Katherine Heigl, from a Maxim photo shoot or something I believe. Mmm. Katherine makes it allll better. Just straight uni for a whole week = nonsensical comics! whee! Sentence fragments! It's only 6pm and I'm sleepy! I'm using exclaimation marks for no reason! Okay, I'm done. Teegus from the #3fs irc channel was bitching for a comic around wednesday so I also knocked up this abomination on mankind. Yep. Hilarious. Are you remembering to visit the goddamn forum? Okay fine, are you at least voting? Well fine. Be that way. Ummm. bizarre linkage. hmmm...lemme check these bookmarks. Ah, here we go. Do you remember yatta? Of course you do. Well now you can LEARN THE YATTA DACE! Wheeee! I was supposed to mention someone or something in this newspost but I forgot! Wahoo!! I'm eating coffee powder with a spoon!

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I DID say I'd be redrawing a paint comic....but I say a lot of things

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