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188: Or is that omega?
Or is that omega?

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So long, and thanks for all the fish
Well, if you hang out on irc with me (*cough**cough*) or have been a good Cheesite and been going to the ad-free forum which you don't have to sign up for, then you'd have heard about the script in question, and also maybe the petition against it. Luckily the studio execs with their heads rammed firmly up their asses heard this time that we DO NOT WANT ANOTHER BATMAN AND ROBIN on our hands (looky here, or if the news is gone, about halfway down this thread). So it's not gonna happen. We hope. But for that first day and a half I was quivering with anger, let me tell you. I mean...what the hell are they thinking?! CHERISHED CHILDHOOD MEMORIES YOU GREEDY FUCKERS. The reason the original superman movie (along with batman, x-men and spiderman) did so well is because you STUCK TO THE GODDAMN STORY. We don't want to pay $10 bucks a pop to see "re-imaginings" or whatever bullshit you call being asspirates and not doing your research nowadays. We want to see the heroes we grew up with living and breathing on the silver screen! Not some STRANGER who just wears the colours. Superman getting his powers from the suit? What the monkey faeces eating HELL?! God. So angry. Anyway, this is my last update before uni starts...So there may or may not be a distinct lack of comicry for a few days longer than normal. Maybe a few weeks in a row actually, since I've got all manner of projects to do as well. Mmm. Java. Anyway, my two week "study" break is up, and it's back to the daily grind for aboot 5 more weeks. Then, my loyal readers, you're in for a treat. Oh, and this marks the 188th btc comic. Man I pop these out fast. Okay, time to sleep. Vote for me on twc because of all the work I do for you and the way I sacrificed two weeks of study to be a lazy comic making bum. And check out the bizarre linkage, again donated by Beerman, this particular crime against humanity. doesn't BEGIN to describe it. Oh, and tate helped me fix up the linky thing in the Reader Input section so that you can now activate your extra special BTC Buddy icons JUST by clicking! Woo! you da man. Help spread the word to your aim buddies! Use btc buddy icons and be the first on your block to confuse and scare your friends. Ooh, almost forgot: Check out the ultra crazy sheznit picked up the other day by your friend and mine, Mr Shroom err... period. Damn, I should have thought that one out beforehand. And masticationtastic supplementary log humour! Yeah, that's how old it is. Anyhoo. Really sleep now.
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IRC log humour at #btc. (For IRC, we recommend mIRC)
[12:43] <Beerman> me: "New superman script"
[12:43] <Beerman> other people: "Hooray!"
[12:43] <Beerman> me: "No."
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