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189: And you too
And you too

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So long, and thanks for all the fish
God. My hatred knows no bounds. It's been two days back at uni and I already have a big ol' barrel of hate sitting in my room. Oh wait, that's rum. Let's see, first day back I have an exam and also find out that we're supposed to already be halfway through a project I only just heard about. And I've lost the piece of paper that tells me how to reenrol so I get to do this all over again next year. Bah, to hell with it all. Today's early morning maths was welcomed with an injection of boring right into my brain. Mustn't talk like Tycho. Anyway. Me need sleep now. Dead on my feet. Er, chair. Go to the forum, vote for me so I don't have to be humiliated by goddamn sprite comics every day of the freaking year, and check out the bizarre linkage, the iRabbit! Oh, that reminds me, go here and get the BEST. VIDEO. EVAR, the dbz monkey chase (to Benny Hill Music! Teeheeheee! lookit him run). And fun extractors are ripped off a certain High Ping Bastard
Bigger Than Cheeses

IRC log humour at #btc. (For IRC, we recommend mIRC)
[15:30] <Bacon_Baron> man they made me eat vegemite
[15:31] <Goonigoogoo> lol
[15:31] <Raekwon> is that some slang for poon?
[15:31] <Bacon_Baron> I was like waht the hell
[15:31] <Bacon_Baron> they told me it was like cheese whiz...
[15:31] <Goonigoogoo> it's great, isn't it
[15:31] <Goonigoogoo> lmao
[15:31] <Bacon_Baron> they lied
Bigger Than Cheeses
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