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190: Stupid uni
Stupid uni

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So long, and thanks for all the fish
So. Goddamn. Tired. Are you voting every single day? Well fine. Be that way. The forum is livelier than evar thanks to some Freak. Go there. Go there now. Hopefully it'll have the spanking new twc v2 look by the time you get there. This comic is too close to the truth to be funny to me. If they're not making us copy down furiously from out of focus slides (I know, let's not just make it out of focus, let's make it nice and small too), then they're handing out ricockulous assignments with stupid, stupid, stupid programs. Stupid. UML can blow me. I despise it so. The lecturer never helps on the stupid help board. "How come my java program won't import? I don't like having to type out java.awt.geom.math.blah.stupid.donkey every single time it appears" "Hm, Maybe you should look in the documentation". Thanks for that asshole, real helpful. Or the other stupid java class with it's idiotic mandatory project sections that serve nothing except to infuriate me further.Okay class, today you have to download this 50 meg file and hand over your personal info so they can spam you. And it's compulsary. Plus, if you're on dialup we don't care, we're not offering it on CD like every other goddamn program. Bend over, grab your ankles and hand over you wallet kiddies. Damn uni. With it's stupid projects. Oh, did I mention that there is no way to activate the program since the STUPID evaluation keys are nonexistant since the company has moved onto other versions? Thank YOU uni! What's next? An assignment on the goddamn UNIVAC?! HUH? PROGRAMMING WITH VACUUM TUBES?! I HATE YOU SO MUCH. *cough* Anyway, if anyone knows java or has a (working) key to Rational Rose 2000 Enterprise Edition, pop into the irc channel or the forum sometime because I'm a retard. Okay, now back to wallowing in self pity for a while. Bizarre Linkage. 1 out of 1 Dr T's recommend it. FOO'!
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[18:04] <Technogen> 12. From what material are snooker balls made?
[18:04] <Goonigoogoo> I was guessing
[18:04] <Pants> ivory
[18:04] <Goonigoogoo> wood
[18:04] <Pants> silicon
[18:04] <Beerman> cancer
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