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196: Hooker beatings; It's what's for dinner!
Hooker beatings; It's what's for dinner!

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So long, and thanks for all the fish
Glarghl. So angry. I can't be bothered typing it all out again, however I did outline the salient points in my silly bimbo journal. Or is it himbo? Eh. I'm sure there's some private stuff in there, but nothing comes to mind right now. About 80% of the posts are me being angry, 10% are me feeling sorry for myself, and 10% are "ooh, I have a journal". It's the post about my stupid cake eating teacher type guy, and how I blew a good 3 hours study time to see him, in what should have only been 1 hour. Oh, and the best part was when he told me to not forget to study. Especially after he'd dragged me all the way to uni on my study break since he said he didn't have a break when I saw him although he clearly had 3 hours off that day. Way to lie to my face, asshole. Yeah, so it got worked out eventually, but the point is that it shouldn't have even happened in the first place. Oh, and I'm pretty pissed about the whole "reset the tetris scores" thing, too. Aaanyway, today's strip is brought to you by Shky. Check out the sexalicious new art! And if you're not familiar with games, the game in question is GTA3. (Fun Fact: In Australia, there was a big uproar about gta3. Not about the stealing, drug dealing and rampant murder (police or otherwise), mind you, but because you had the option of purchasing hookers' services, then killing them to get your money back. Apparently violence against women is unacceptable, but violence against men is a-okay. Australian copies of GTA3 had the hooker option taken out, thus 'getting extra health' before a mission was impossible and Aussie gamers had a much tougher time than their American counterparts. Oh, they also blacked out some of the 'controversial' posters too. Saturday night beaver and the like). It's great how I remembered all that off hand, but can't remember how to do Hypothesis testing. So much for study. Next strip by Fenris. My calendar was upside down. Really. I wasn't intentionally making you look like a fool.
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[14:33] <Pants> sometimes i mispell dinner as "penis"
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