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197: Two toned goodness
Two toned goodness

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So long, and thanks for all the fish
ERk. Exams are this week. Also, unless Keir comes through on his proposed guest comic, this is the last one. This also marks strip 197. Close to the big 200 with nothing planned at all. I'll try and come up with something nice. Possibly a strip created by myself. Today's strip comes from the mystic Fenris. I'm not too sure who Steve Dallas is, but I was provided with links here and here. See Fenris? I told you it'd be up. Remember that time goes, uh, backwards in Australia. Yeah, that's it. Fool.....Aaanyway, I'll have some real strips up in a week. Honest. Keep an eye on the forum, and you'll know when I'm FREE. FREE I tells ya. So close I can taste it. For those that are really interested, the two toned backgrounds are because I can't draw backgrounds, and because plain backgrounds look too, well, plain really. And Fenris: You'd better make good on those Aiki cheesecake shots.
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