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198: WOOHOOzzzz

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So long, and thanks for all the fish
Holy POO cheesites! It's a NEW GODDAMN COMIC! By me! How about that? Yep, I'm FREE! FREE I TELLS YA! No more stupid uni. No more getting up at 6 stupid am for goddamn 8am maths. Just 3 sweet months of vegetating. Oh, and finally getting to do some REAL work on the comic. I've been planning a total overhaul for months now, but have been too tightly stretched for time because of uni. But there's gonna some great stuff soon. Promise. Well, if my calculations are correct, this should be strip 198. 2 more till the big two double 0. I'd be lying if I said I had anything planned, but I'll try and come up with something nice for all you lovely readers. This comic isn't so much funny as it is true. The first order of business of being a free man was to sleep for about 2 days, followed by a 12 hour nap, then a quick 40 winks. And look! Actual new art! I've been using the same templates for Duke and Thanatos for the past 6 months, time to stretch my artistic wings a bit. Ahhh, much better. Okay, I'll be back soon! Visit the forum to keep in the loop on all the juicy btc insider info. Really. Juicy. Vote for me at and also (ALL NEW! Now with exclaimation mark!) Vote for me in Rocket Box Top Comics. What's rocketbox you say? Check it out here! The essential site for all up and coming comic authors. Oh, and existing ones too, I guess. Before I go, I must remember to say that Fuitad reset all the arcade scores at the suggestion of some worm (I'LL GET YOU! GET YOU GOOD), but I regained top scores at both space invaders and tetris. Granted, my tetris is 1 million points lower than it was before, but my space invaders score is now 100k more, so it all evens out in a ....NO IT DOESN'T! I HATE YOU! Whoever suggested the reset! You'll pay!! Aaaanyway. Before I go, Happy birthday to Slack on tuesday!
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<skwerrel> in conclusion, its woman's fault that we don't live in a utopia of sex
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