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202: Drag-on Ball Z
Drag-on Ball Z

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So long, and thanks for all the fish
You see, it's funny cause I'm borderline psychotic. And yes, I took the lyrics off this comic over at Sara and David. And in case you've been sealed in a box for the last 60 years, this comic is ripping off quite thoroughly the singing Warner Brothers frog. Ask someone to explain it to you. It's also funnier if you imagine mister tall green and angry (Piccolo) doing high leg kicks with a tophat and cane along with the music. Thanks to Beerman for mp3ing that up for us. Righto, I'm off. Visit the forum, Vote for me at Rocketbox, and TWC, and here's your bizarre linkage. Takin it to tha MAX! YEAH! And so on.
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[13:46] <^BahamutD> You know, they say a penis is worth a thousand words.
[13:46] <^BahamutD> errr....
[13:46] <^BahamutD> picture
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