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208: Well that was anticlimactic...OR WAS IT?
Well that was anticlimactic...OR WAS IT?

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So long, and thanks for all the fish
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Yeah...I know this is a little disjointed, but I did half of this strip on one part of the day, and the rest of it later. And we're getting to the good stuff soon, now that I've got most of the "plot" out of the way, I can get some actual jokes in. While I made a semi-agreement to myself to cut down on the copy/paste in each comic now that I'm free from uni, it's getting just a little bit annoying to redraw every single character in each frame as of late, so I'll be doing it a lot more than I'd prefer. Just a heads up. Alex has come through with his sexalicious php script, and I'll be implementing it sometime soon, once I've uploaded all the renamed files, and made sure everything is woring. After that, I'll be replacing all the existing html files with pointers to their respective php counterparts, and removing the old comics. This'll make access to the comics dodgy for a while. I'll try and give you a warning on when I'm doing it. Just remember to keep checking the forum. And I'm not too sure, but I don't think fortunecity supports php, so I may be shutting those two mirrors down as well, but I seriously doubt any of you even know I have mirrors. What with not reading the faq and all. Oh, and that reminds me. I'll be going through the old newsposts and fixing the links. That'll also take a while. Well, rocketbox hasn't refreshed yet, so I don't know where we stand, but keep up the good voting, and maybe we'll be in the top 5. Wouldn't that be nice? Hm? Well,after that particularly long sidetrack, I mustn't forget to say that Alex is my new god. I'm building a shrine as we speak. With the new php, I can also do a long awaited redesign of the site. No, I have no ideas, all I have is a new logo. And it has little white blotches that I can't get rid of. I also think it's time to retire the trusty ol' background that I stole off a neverhood website a few years ago. Well Cheesites, if you've got any recommendations (new background image, colour scheme, design ideas, logo, etc), then pop in and tell me on irc, or in the forum. I'm sure the majority of you are better at web design than me. Well, I'm out now. A lot of coding and testing and stuff tomorrow....wait. today. I really should stop going to bed at 4am. Anyway, vote at twc, and enjoy your bizarre linkage.
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