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209: Fun with manga action lines!
Fun with manga action lines!

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So long, and thanks for all the fish
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Boy howdy! Ain't this just a pretty little layout? Sorry for the update delay, The php was ready a few days ago, but I was short on 137 bits of log humour. Thanks for picking up the slack everyone. And sorry for any problems getting to the comic. I was replacing the html and anyone not on the forums or on irc would have had no warning. And with this orgasmically fantastic php script courtesy of Alex, now I only have to worry about the making the comics and putting the files in the right place. I've made all the old html pages refer to their respective php counterparts, so old search engine entries will still lead to the right thing. Hopefully the engines will update their listings. Does anyone know if google does that? If it redirects to another page, will add the other page to it's listing? Also, if there are any problems (which there will be), or something I've overlooked (broken images, etc), tell me in the forum. The btc v2 bugs thread is right here. Well, this comic was fun to draw. I really like the first panel more than I do the whole comic. For once I was able to draw something pretty close to the way I visualised it in my head. It's great. There was supposed to be some sort of crazy 'bad guy preparing to attack sancho' thing going on, but I couldn't figure out how to do it and ended up skipping it altogether. And Sancho is supposed to be looking shocked that his prescence is known. I didn't really know how to convey the proper emotion for a robot with a cylinder for a head and a moving flap for a mouth. For the record, Hot Rod took far too long to draw than should be humanly necessary. Kup was easy on the other hand. And in case you've been locked in a cave for the past decade and have missed one of the greatest films EVAR (next to Army of Darkness, of course), the Transformers movie. Check it out. Right now! Relive your freaking childhood RIGHT. NOW. Don't make me come over there. Actually, you can watch the gradual degredation of my sanity over the course of this strip. It's great! Oh, is there an image/button for voting at Rocketbox? I tried making one myself but it was an abberation of all that is good and holy. Oh, and vote at twc as well. Righto. I need sleep. I've been working on this nonstop ever since I've gotten my hands on the script a few days ago. And from the genius who brought you 'Rejected', 'Genre' and 'Ah, L'amour', here's today's bizarre linkage
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[14:29] <MaximumMango> and by magic I mean female breasts in my face
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