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220: Pretty bad, I know
Pretty bad, I know

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So long, and thanks for all the fish
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Mmm. Scraping the barrel. Well now the whole dirty secret is out. It was a Jack Chick and Alex Chiu vs the Raelians shitty storyline all along. Let the pelting of fruit commence. As I was saying, I've been toying with the idea of combining the two before, but I knew I wasn't up to the job of doing something of this scale properly before. Hell, it's 7 months later and I'm still not up to the job. Maybe I should have let it sit for another year. Aaanyway, to make up for the obvious sin of allowing a friend of the author into the comic, I've decided to assign oohoo the title of 'storyline whipping boy'. That means he gets to be the butt of all the jokes. Sorry oohoo, but that's the price you pay. And in case you're not familiar with racial stereotypes, wogs are allegedly all car obsessed, talk about being buff, and really like plaster statues. Actually I think the plaster statues one is a greek thing. Meh. Goddamn, it's 2am as I'm writing this, and that Danni Minogue clip is on. I've never seen it before. Something about pins, or records or some shit. I swear I can see through all of her shirts. Even those damn thick ones you're not supposed to see through. And now she's being molested by hands from the walls. Is this a music video or japanese tentacle porn?! Anyway, the reason for the excessive levels of suck is that in addition to my hand problems, my eyes are starting to....I'm not too sure how to put this. They just start to hurt occasionally. Like I can't make them focus on what I'm trying to look at. Probably the 10 hours a day I spend on the computer either on the internet, playing games or making the comic. Yes, I am literally slowly killing myself to make the comic. I hope you're happy. Christ. Now Danni's pole dancing. What is it with these Minogues?! Anyway, before I was distracted by Danni Minogue's prominent nipples, I was going to mention how the pixellation thing doesn't really work on an inch high black and white stick figure. Maybe a thick black box would have worked better. I overplayed the lines in that stupid Nelly song to how I heard them. And btw; damn you Nelly. What the fuck is that shit? 'It's getting hot in here so take off all your clothes' "I am getting so hot I will take my clothes off". What the FUCK? Did you need HELP to write that? And I might be out of the loop, but I'm pretty sure that bandaids haven't become fashion accessories yet. Arghl. Mustn't rant. Get sleep. Gather strength for next comic. For some unknown reason my hits have been increasing recently. So either you're introducing your friends (which is good) or you're being obsessive and revisiting the site every few minutes and hoping for updates (which is also good). Maybe the storyline is actually good (I doubt it) and is drawing you into my web of intrigue. And blasphemy. Well, whatever you crazy cheesites are doing, keep it up. I love you in a wholly non-sexual way. Ooh, and I got the spiderman dvd last night, and stayed up to 3 watching it. You know when he's fighting those thugs and he's taking the pictures for newspaper guy at the same time? Is it just me, or did they do an overly cgi'd job of that? I mean, the guy seems to exist outside the laws of gravity. Slow him down a bit and maybe I could forget that the actors are just getting beaten up by an imaginary person, damnit! And there was the star wars-esque "join me, we are one and the same blah blah blah" thing. Or how he says CHOOSE between MJ and the trolleycar full of children, yet he still gets both. Does that sound like a choice to you? But anyway, Kirsten Dunst in the rain makes up for it all. Okay, you know the drill; Vote at twc, Rocketbox and always visit the forum. And before I get your bizarre linkage, get this song, damnit. Damn you Kris and your influencing my musical tastes. Bizarre Linkage
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