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221: Zwee is a great word
Zwee is a great word

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So long, and thanks for all the fish
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Hey hey cheesites! I know I said this would be delayed, but I apparently underestimated my good friend caffiene. I love you man, and your stimulanty drug type goodness. First off, mad props to Scott over at vgcats for sending over the flood of visitors. Hopefully a few will like the comic enough to become regular readers. And if that doesn't work, there's always the subliminal messages in each comic. Alrighty, this is a big update, with fantastical type fan art from my friends Funk Machine and Baha, random art (check out the changes picture. It's pretty funny), and a new camgoer. Welcome aboard skwerrel. Alrighty, not too much to report other than that. Oh, and the list of things I intentionally stole from in this comic: Simpsons 'let's fight', 'them's fightin' words', and the Far Side 'Not gonna screw up, not gonna screw up' 'Harold screws up'. I think it was harold. And what's up with rich people always saying 'haw'? Do they need the w to show how much better than us they are? Anyway, vote at twc and show those punkasses who's boss (mall monkeys apparently. Well, at least it's not movie comics or that's my sonic). And remember to say hello in the forum. Enjoy your Bizarre Linkage (psst; Click the 'Area Code RX' link under 'more information')
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[15:48] <Fenris> How do you make a cat go "woof"?
[15:48] <Pants> set it on fire?
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