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226: We're almost finished!
We're almost finished!

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So long, and thanks for all the fish
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It's funny because I sorta trailed off after the first panel and just slapped in whatever popped into my head. And I'm really sorry for the Goonigoohoo joke, but it was Oohoo's idea. Direct all blame towards him. Anyway, what was I going to call them? Thanahoo? Oohatos? If Goku gets Kakarot, Thanatos gets my screen name. Okay, according to my chart, I'm supposed to explain all the ambiguous things in today's comic, so this might take a while. For those not familiar with the shit hitting the fan right after christmas 2002 (say, if you're reading through the archives and it's like 2004 or something), the Raelians announced the birth of the world's first cloned baby, through their company cloneaid. Or is it clonaid. Something stupid. Anyway, I keep thinking of it as some sort of sports drink, but with clones instead of salt. Yeah, that's what electrolytes are. You might as well go and drink sea water or something. Of course now that they've announced not one, not two, but THREE cloned babies in existence, they've steadfastly refused to give any dna evidence proving that these "babies" are actually cloned. Or that they even exist at all. And if you're gonna have a clonaid attack, it might as well be like the kaioken attack, with varying levels. Clonaid attack TIMES TEN sounds a bit less funny than 100%, since it reminds me of engrish and alex chiu, and those two things have a special place right in the cockles of my heart. Or my liver. And note the crazy bullshit conditions in panel 5. I love those crazy dragonball z bullshit conditions. MWAHAHA! I shall get the eternal dragon to bring all my slain minions back to life! Except those who have already been resurrected. Then they've got, uh, less soul power. And also if they've been dead for longer than a year. Because...uh....their warranty expired. Yeah, that's it. Okay, panel 6. In case you don't know it, I simply switched one word in 'The power of Christ compels you' and made it into an attack. Guess which word for super happy fun prizes*! (*note; There are no super happy fun prizes). And as for panel 5, I tried copying the cell being dissolved by the bigass energy beam effect, but in the end I just buggered around with the motion blur in photoshop and called it a day. And the Raelian sect was formed in the 70s by dirty smelly frenchman claude something or other. He changed his name to Rael later on, because he's an ass. That's why they're being such idiots, they're french! You can't trust those freaking frenchies for anything, except maybe to surrender. And to eat weird foods. And I get to say weird foods because I'm chinese and they STILL eat weird shit. The last panel is a throwaway gag I came up with at the last second because that second last panel wouldn't really work as one big one. Okay, now that all that crap is out of the way, I must point you over to insipid's new site. There's some fantastic artwork contained there, and it's fairly new, so you can expect lots of delicious new content sometime soon. Also, some great new fan art from Zipperhead on the #rocketbox irc channel on Sorry Zip, but I don't have the url to your site. Contact me and I'll link you up real good. Also, I've updated the scrap art picture in the art section. See that woman with the bangs on the bottom right? That's a test sketch for the new female character, so I'll be needing name suggestions and whatnot. You can leave any suggestions or ideas in the forum. Maybe that'll keep Freak occupied and he'll stop harassing me. Okay, my hand has stopped responding, so I guess that's a sign for me to stop. Remember to vote every single day. Bizarre Linkage. The best part is how his diary of immortality ends abruptly. Maybe he put the rings on backwards. Either that or he got stuck to the side of a train
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[20:29] <dillwriting> and i didn't get lots of money from my rich parents to go to school to let this country be overrun by poor people and lesbians
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