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232: Mixing medicines is great
Mixing medicines is great

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So long, and thanks for all the fish
ARGHHLSH. Shtank's php support went down sometime fridayish and I have no idea when you'll be seeing this newspost. Tate was kind enough to knock up a template file when this happened, but I have no idea when everything will be back to normal. Since this is probably going to take a week or more, I'll lost a lot of potential readers, so once everything's working again, do your ol' buddy Goon a favour and pimp Bigger Than Cheeses to all your friends. C'mon! I'll do a t&a strip! Read yesterday's newspost for my wisdom teeth pulling adventures. And on a related note, Fenris, you da man. Okay, I managed to forcibly update Shtank Interactive, and I'm working on guest strips for 3 finger salute, Bitrate and maybe dpad if I have time. These were all unsolicited guest strips, I'm just donating them because I'm sick of either seeing halfassed updates *cough*w33dedcomic*cough*, or no updates at all. Uni starts in about 3 weeks and I sure am looking forward to going back to the daily drudgery again. Someone shoot me. Please. This comic really needs no explaination, but don't you ever think that maybe mixing sugar with some medicines could cause adverse side effects? Those crazy disney people have been trying to kill us since 1964!! Before I forget, Outworld has donated these tres sexalicious phpbb forums, in case our normal forums go down. That reminds me, you should use for the forum, as won't work properly, and you should use for voting, as won't work. Intuitive, I know. Alright. I need to catch some sleep, since I appear to be having trouble staying conscious. Bizarre Linkage

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[14:54] <reggie> my brother said that to my ex-girlfriend once
[14:55] <reggie> 'try not to suck any dick on the way to yr car' i was so proud
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