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233: I need sleep
I need sleep

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So long, and thanks for all the fish
URghl. This took far too long. And it needs a few dozen rewrites, but I'm on a vauge schedule here, so enjoy your comic. In case you're unfamiliar with the single best video evar (I think it might be down due to heavy traffic. Keep trying) . There's this crab, see, and it's walking along, minding it's own business when KERFLUBO! It gets SUCKED THROUGH A 3 MILLIMETER HOLE!! Yes, kerflubo is the appropriate term for when deep sea creatures experience a sudden dramatic drop in pressure and explode. Tell your friends. And I'm pretty sure dolphins aren't deep sea creatures, what with them being mammals and having to go to the surface to breathe and all, but I couldn't think of anything that big under the sea. Well, whales, but you can't really throw them far. And Nat's objection in the last panel is that you couldn't use them as projectile weapons, since once you took them from the deep sea, they'd explode on depressurisation. Unless you took them all and kept them under the pressure they're used to, but that's just crazy. And notice how in war movies, the black guy or a guy named Johnny is always the first to get it? If you're the black guy and your name is Johnny, you KNOW you're gonna die. And I know Nat's thrusting her chest out an awful lot, but she was supposed to be walking when Thanatos interrupted her, only it just looks like she's showing off her rack or something.'s an intentional way to net readers. Yeah, that's it. Go boobies. The reason why this comic is late is because I've been updating other comics, not just my own. So far it's been Shtank Interactive and 3 finger salute (thanks for the link back Dill. Really), and I'm working on one for Bitrate and fan art for VG Cats. Sorry Joe, but I don't have a dpad joke ready yet. Maybe next week.

Okay, this comic took far too long to do, and I think it's bordering pretty close on injokery anyway, so I've been thinking that maybe I've been pushing myself a little too hard lately. I might do one or two more strips, then take a little break. Nothing longer than a week, but enough time to recharge my batteries and get everything in order (Uni starts in a few weeks, and there's a myriad of crap to take care of). What do you think? Am I just being lazy and taking a sabbatical for the hell of it? Should I go hog wild like Bill Watterson and go for a six month break? Tell me your thoughts in the forum, otherwise I might take a week off and decide not to come back. I've been close to considering ending the strip before, but I've been getting a lot closer lately. Maybe it's an underlying lack of funny, or the fact I can't laugh at my own comics anymore, or how they've slowly started turning into a chore rather than just fun, but something went wrong somewhere and I don't know when. In fact the last strip I was really happy with was Hitler Force, with Dancin' Piccolo a close second. But if the last strip I was happy with was 30 comics ago (40, if you go with hitler force), something's definately gone awry. Meh, I'm overanalysing things again. Well, I know you're all voting, so I love you all, and now I'm going to go lie down because I feel like walking death. Ps: No backgrounds because that third panel took up a hell of a lot of colours.

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[13:51] <Beerman> his rap sheet from 1989 is most impressive
[13:51] <Goon|lagged> hah. I'll bet
[13:51] <Beerman> "assaulting a police officer"
[13:51] <Beerman> "assaulting a police officer"
[13:51] <Beerman> "assaulting a police officer"
[13:51] <Beerman> "assaulting a police officer"
[13:51] <Goon|lagged> lol
[13:51] <Beerman> lol
[13:51] <^BahamutDuo^> who are you talking about?
[13:51] <Beerman> my dad
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