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234: Copy paste is my friend
Copy paste is my friend

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So long, and thanks for all the fish
Ah. Easy updates. I've got about 6 backup scripts ready, in case I'm ever in trouble, but they're not my own jokes and I'll feel guilty using them and all. Ah screw it. I've done plenty of original stuff. Or semi original at least....right? I was busy making up a nice guest strip for Aaron, when I realised I had to update my own comic as well as everyone else's. HOW DO I MANAGE IT?! I don't, actually. That's the secret. Anyway, I flipped through a jokebook, found one that made me laugh and put it in comic form. Amazing, huh? Okay, apparently we have to use instead of when visiting the forum, but it still won't let me log in or post, so I think they might have been a bit eager to dump for now. Try it anyway, and if that doesn't work, there's always the backup forums. Just click that giant ape juice link in the nav bar. People seemed to be happy with my 1 week sabbatical, so I might take it sometime around when uni starts, because I know I'll be pressed for time and I should hopefully have enough filler material until then. Maybe I'll be able to come up with some new comic ideas too. I haven't had any for quite a while (thus the whole burnt outedness thing). That's pretty much all the news for now. Oh, and inspid updated his site, so go looky. Right now. I heartily recommend CSI:Moberts. Remember to keep up your fantastic work and continue voting for me, and more importantly vote for fenris so he can beat those commie bastards at Ctrl Alt Del. Bizarre linkage is this text file containing some of our pal Alex's choicest quotes. And that's only from his main site. Imagine the wonders on! 90% Accurate! Before I go, I need some windows xp related help: On windows explorer, I have it in details view, with only the Name, Size, Type and Date Modified columns active. I go into the tools -> folder options -> view tab and click the 'apply view to all folders' button, and foolishly believe everything is alright. Yet some folders (picture folders mostly) insist on ignoring this and activate their own columns (Date Created, Date Accessed). I'll close these columns, and do the set view thing again, but it never sticks. Does anyone know a) Why it's doing this, and more importantly b) How can I make it stop goddamn doing it. Oh, sometimes I switch to thumbnails view in the folder to pick out an image quickly, then switch it back to details. I thought that might be it, but then it happens on folders I never switch to thumbnail view on. Damn you microsoft and your trickery! Ps: See Sloan? I told you you'd make it into the log humour. And now the newspost! Wheee!
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[11:57] <Sloan> I was going to start a sentence with "how come" but accidentally typed "hot come"
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