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236: Spooky!

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So long, and thanks for all the fish
See, if I can't come up with funny, I'll just go for the bizarre. And talking of bizarre, doesn't Nat look funny when she's shouting? Sorry for the cut and paste, but I really don't have the energy in me anymore. On the one hand, I feel kinda guilty using cut and paste so much, on the other hand; meh. I've started working on the new template files for each of the characters, because I can't afford the time to draw each character over and over again once uni starts. Hoo boy are you gonna get sick of seeing the identical character sprite every week for the next six months. Then again, I did just give you almost three solid months of entirely new art only missing one or two updates the entire time, but things like that are forgotten quickly. That also reminds me; I might be going down to a two updates per week schedule for a little while. It shouldn't be a permenant thing, but just to lighten the load since I'm feeling a little run down. And it's the holidays. Imagine how run down I'll be when I actually have to work and learn things. Now for some readers, there have been problems getting to the site. More specifically, they were seeing the temporary index file tate slapped in when shtank's php support went down, and not the new comics even though the php was working again. I think it was a caching problem, and I replaced the referrer index.html file just to be sure. If you're ever unsure of anything, remember to go to the forum (or if that's down, the backup forums), and I'll announce when any problems with the site are imminent/fixed. I sent the guest strip to Aaron about last week, so if bitrate doesn't get updated it's Aaron's fault for not uploading the ready made comic sitting on his hard drive. C'mon, do I have to update the html FOR you? Thanks to your delicious daily voting, we're up to 45 now on twc, and our ol pal Fenris has finally reached #2, smacking down those Ctrl+Alt+Delete fellows once and for all. Drop in and give some congratulations on his new irc channel. And for some reason, comic 233 won't load on the local copy of btc that I keep on the hd, yet the file itself will load okay and loads okay on shtank. Does anybody know why this is? Anyway, it's time for me to sleep. Bizarre Linkage. Warning: Contains erotic descriptions of girls brushing their teeth.
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IRC log humour at #btc. (For IRC, we recommend mIRC)
[10:43] <Goonigoogoo> I think dest is actually just a highly sophisticated keir hating machine
[10:44] <skwerrel> sophisticated?
[10:44] <Goonigoogoo> drunk
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