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237: Toilet humour! Literally!
Toilet humour! Literally!

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So long, and thanks for all the fish
Trusty immature toilet humour. You'll get me through this no good comic ideas spell. And it was originally an emergency colon AND oesophagus (did I spell that right?) transplant, but I was always a fan of the succinct punchline. The best part on panel 3 was how I spent so long on Thanatos' hand, and then it just gets cut off anyway, because of the text. Sortof the opposite of what usually happens. In case anyone is wondering, a Turing test is the standard test for seeing if Artificial Intelligence has reached human levels. Eg: While anyone can figure out a fur coat is made of fur, how does it know a rain coat isn't made out of rain? No machine has passed it yet. Uni starts in about a week, and I still haven't got the new templates completely ready. Jesusman will probably stay the same, and maybe Violent Bob but I'll have to do up a new version of Woodrow. And Sancho too. In other news, I've been playing far too much of Dress Missy (Missy from Mall Monkeys), trying to unlock all the secret phrases. So far I've got Missy, Fakeem, Brad, Goth girl (forgot her name) and Jamerz. Asian guy going Super Saiyan in the background rocks so much, it is second only to the intro movie. Faaaabulous! I guess that qualifies for Bizarre Linkage as well. We're starting to drop down on twc, so I guess you're all not voting as much as you were previously. That's alright. It's almost the end of the month anyway. But by god we'd better get into the top 20 SOMEday!

This has been vaguely bugging me, but I've been wanting to define the ladies a little bit more, so that people other than me can tell them apart. Most of you won't care, but it nags at me that you readers mightn't be able to tell them apart, besides them looking different, because I can't display their personalities properly. I can't really change the cast page, as that's supposed to be more biography-ish, and not acknowledging them as simply comic characters. To put it simply; Nat is the standard issue 'Do Anything' gal, who can take men on at their own game, is secretly smarter than she lets on, kicks bootay, yadda yadda yadda. Kat is much more introverted, sortof girl-next-doorish and less confident....Plus Nat's boobs are bigger. They're both set up to be the straight men in gags, but Nat gets to do jokes of her own, since she handles herself more confidently. Kat's getting lumped in the same category as Duke, because now I'm finding Duke too hard to draw, I need a replacement character who fulfils the same role. Kat will get exploited (joke-wise) down the line, while it's more than likely that Nat won't. She'll get her own back in a way, just not the straight out way that you'd expect with Nat. Hey, Nat and Kat. How about that. Anyway, that's pretty much the gist of it. If you have any other questions you can always ask me in the forum. Okay. it's time for sleep since the sun's coming up.

Bigger Than Cheeses

IRC log humour at #btc. (For IRC, we recommend mIRC)
[09:45] <Goonigoogoo> whoa, am I early?
[09:46] <Talwin> Yes.
[09:46] <Talwin> ?
[09:46] <Goonigoogoo> for the moth show
[09:46] <AirsickMoth> you're early by an hour.
[09:46] <Goonigoogoo> well crap
[09:47] <DiNovi> does Ash still do "Too Damned Late"?
[09:47] <Goonigoogoo> I blame time zones and, uh, george bush
[09:48] <DiNovi> in accounting?
[09:48] <AirsickMoth> and north korea
[09:48] <Goonigoogoo> yeah
[09:48] <AirsickMoth> ... town. north koreatown.
[09:48] <AirsickMoth> the mall there ripped me off
[09:49] <Apocaliptik> ?
[09:49] <Goonigoogoo> hey, me too
[09:49] <Goonigoogoo> they sold me this car with 200 horse power, and it only had 199 horse power
[09:50] <Goonigoogoo> It made me lose my faith in bee fresh honey
[09:51] <AirsickMoth> i never had that faith
[09:52] <Goonigoogoo> But bee fresh honey can cure cancer, give you wintery fresh breath and a big big penis!
[09:53] <AirsickMoth> sounds good, my friend
[09:53] <AirsickMoth> now, hand over that penis
[09:53] <Goonigoogoo> I sold mine on the black market
[09:54] <AirsickMoth> ya shouldn't've done that
[09:54] <AirsickMoth> he's just a boy
[09:55] <Goonigoogoo> but sometimes to change the past you have to present the future with a penis
[09:55] <AirsickMoth> i did that once
[09:55] <AirsickMoth> but it got slammed in the door of the delorean
[09:55] <AirsickMoth> i can only conclude
[09:55] <AirsickMoth> that the future hates my genitals.
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