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238: Pfft. "Politically Correct"

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So long, and thanks for all the fish
I originally had a point for this comic, but I forgot and thus you have this instead. You can tell I really put a lot of time into this one. Note the quality don hertzfeldt-ish tone to the last panel mini comic! And yes, that is a "no aeroplanes into the wtc" sign on the piece of paper. Shock horror won't you think of the children. Shit, we'd better go back and digitally remove every single trace they ever existed from movies. You might think I did the last 3 panels in stick figure-ese because I'm lazy....well...I am, but mostly it's because I can't draw actual people, and every time I tried to draw George Bush, it just looked like someone else. Plus you don't get the same kind of crazy happy as you do with stick figure crazy happy! Look at that guy all safe and snug in his SUV. Radiation has no power against the GLASS WINDOWS and 3 MILE PER GALLON FUEL EFFICIENCY! ! And that line about SUVs promoting terrorism is apparently true. I'm no rocket surgeon or anything, but it's not like they're using special terrorist petrol to power their cars. They're using the same oil, just more. How about we just say ALL cars are promoting terrorism? Why stop there? Heating your home is heating TERRORISM!! Fossil fuels are the work of SADDAM BIN LADEN!! You get the idea. I said gas in the comics, because it's for you yankees after all, but it's PETROL DAMN YOU! And did I miss a meeting or something? When did duct tape suddenly become effective against terrorist attacks? I mean, short of wrapping yourself, mummy like, from head to toe I don't think the tape is gonna block the airborne particles from ENTERING YOUR VERY SOUUULLLL. Meh. Uni starts in under a week, so updates might get a little sparse. I'll do what I can. Voting at twc is working again after a day or two of mySQL errors (or something), so make up for lost time! Or, you know, don't. Anyway, I'm gonna go get some precious sleep now, so remember to drop by the forums. Enjoy your Bizarre Linkage, Minesweeper fanfiction! (I think this calls for our old friend, KHAAAAAAAANNNNN)
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[14:02] <Pants> everyone always tells me i have a young face
[14:02] <Mr_Shroom> mmm
[14:02] <Slack> i have three now X3!
[14:02] <Pants> and that i sound 12 years old on the phone
[14:02] <Mr_Shroom> opium
[14:02] <christos> Pants: SERIOUSLY?! you get carded for 15+ movies? SHIT!
[14:02] <Pants> and i say "you should hear me with a cock in my mouth!"
[14:02] <Pants> no i don't say that
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