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240: I blame mtv
I blame mtv

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So long, and thanks for all the fish
.......Yeah. I blame mtv and communists for this comic. Stupid commies depriving me of sleep. And what's so wrong about killing babies anyway? The media blows everything out of proportion and makes it seem like there's something wrong with it. Honestly. And did you ever notice how in those hidden camera shows, no matter how much bad shit they've done, as soon as they go "Surprise! It's another stupid hidden camera show!" They'll all start laughing about it, and act like they're having the time of their lives. Maybe it's some conditioning for our society as a whole, but as soon as we know we're being filmed, it's HAHAHA OH MY GOD THAT'S SO FUNNY! I TOTALLY THOUGHT YOU THREW MY DOG INTO TRAFFIC!!! YOU'RE THE BEST! Do we start sucking up to these people who find amusement in our misery and/or shock just because they have cameras? Shit, I've got cameras too! Maybe I should just start stealing wallets and pretending it's all for a hidden camera show. That's right, I'm taking all your money, but don't worry! YOU'RE ON CANDID CAMERA! *wink* Anyway, I think we should all make a promise to start laying punches into people when they get caught on hidden camera shows. If enough hosts get broken jaws, maybe we'll eventually get some quality programming. That goes double for reality tv and home improvement shows. Survivor Amazon my ASS. Well, if my calculations are correct, this will be my last comic as a free man, because next week I'm back at uni aka that pit of despair from which I will never escape. Or, will escape, but only to move to a bigger, deeper, more despairy pit. Hello workforce. Thanks to all your delicious voting, we ended off february at 40...or maybe 39 by the time I upload this. That's the highest we've ever gotten! Yeah, you go girl. And those other 300 guys. Hopefully in March we can drag btc up to the top 20. I know you're out there. I can hear you breathing. Speaking of breathing, I need some goddamn sleep. I'm sure you all read this article from PA, so how about this as your bizarre linkage. Apparently all genitals aren't allowed to be recreated in snow. Because those two lumpy misshapen blobs look SO much like boobs. IT'S FOR THE GOOD OF THE CHILDREN. I'm betting either a) a crutchety old person or b) a rabid feminazi made that complaint. Because honestly, who else is gonna raise such a fuss? Oh wait, c) Fundamentalist religious person. Yeah, good logic there buddy. God created us all, so therefore our bodies are all sinful and should be entirely covered up. Meh, too sleepy to do a religion rant. You remember the forum, right?
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