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241: Ugh

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So long, and thanks for all the fish
See, it's funny know. Stuff. Please laugh. Apparently my calculations were WRONG because I forgot that I actually leave for uni in the late afternoon on this particular update day, so I'm technically a free man for a few more hours by the time this is uploaded. And yes, that's supposed to be a vacuum cleaner. It was originally supposed to be a giant syringe, except those are bitchass hard to draw. Plus it looked like the hand of fate was pumping IN will to live, so that's really besides the whole point. Isn't it. And if you know me, it's closer to the truth than you'd think, because all my 'uni fucking me over' stories are really long and meandering, with a satisfying 'me getting screwed over at the end' crunch at the end. Sorta like Seinfeld except I don't get lots of money every week. Ask me to tell a story of my woe and you'll have to set aside a good half hour while I give you the intricate details of how the pawns of my downfall were laid months in advance. It's so goddamn like a tv show it's not funny. Why can't my life have busty nymphomaniacs instead of neverending figurative kicks in the teeth?! WHY JEBUS. The story also originally involved pirates, indians, feminazis, rabid puffin dingos (a sluggy tribute, naturally), and a guy named tapdancing bob who wasn't really a tapdancer. But I couldn't fit all of that into four panels. So instead just think of something humorous someone else has said to you over the course of your life and pretend that that was today's comic. Hhahahha. Let's all laugh together. It's a new month, so let's get in early on all that sexy voting every day, because you love me, and maybe we can hit the top 20. I know we don't have a chance in hell of the top 10, but I know you guys can do this one thing for your ol' unkie goon. C'mon! It's not like I'm asking for money.....yet. Blah. I'm going to bed now, so I can wake up tomorrow and spend four hours screaming in anticipation. Here's your Bizarre Linkage. Some very nice tits indeed. See, it's funny because tits mean boobies. Also, the forum
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[11:11] <DillINJURE> could be worse... you could be canadian: "i'm from canada, and they think i'm slow, eh?"
[11:11] <skwerrel> i don't get it...
[11:12] <runez0r> neither do I
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