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242: Urge to kill....RISING
Urge to kill....RISING

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So long, and thanks for all the fish
Hiyoooo. If you'd visited the forum, or possibly the PCC forums, then you would have seen either this thread or this one, respectively. You'll also have seen this comic a day early. First of all, let me say I'm pretty strongly against censorship of any form. Especially when freedom of speech (and thought) is involved. I'd have to say that free speech is one of the best concepts our society as a whole has accomplished in the past few hundred years. Sure, you might use the privilege of free speech to say that you don't like black people, but then again, I might use my free speech to call you a queer right wing fuckfaced asshole who shoves gerbils into your cavernous asshole when you're not too busy fellatiating circus midgets. Then you might choose to call me a commie or traitor something and threaten bodily harm, then I might threaten to shove your picket fence right up your urethra, or something along those lines. Of course if either of us followed up on that, it would no longer be free speech, but still, you can see how being able to speak your mind is a great thing. Yesiree. Anyway, the source of this comic and the two rants was this article. Mmm. Yes, let's censor the internet. For the "children" of course. Let me tell you something buddy. Children are resourceful. If they want to see titties, they're gonna find a way to see it, filter or not. Tell an 8 year old boy he can look at naughty materials if he finds the password, and he'll crack through the goddamn white house security system. The twc thread outlines my particular concerns over Johnny's "I know what's best for everyone" policy *cough*dictatorship*cough*, and the pcc one is just me taking the ball and running with it. And when I get ranting, that's when I take the ball, put it in a catapault and send it into space while get the idea. To me, the best part of the article is when "studies" blame pornography for violence against women and not, say, "shitty parents" or just plain"being a jerk". Why don't they just go a little further? People who look at pornography RAPE WOMEN while EATING BABIES and KILLING PEOPLE. Hey, I can make up shocking some statistics too! 100% of violence against women was caused by someone who eats bread! OMG! OSAMA BIN HAXOR TERRORISTS!!!!! CALL THE POLICE!!!!! People whose bodies BREAK DOWN SUGAR INTO ENERGY are actually FORTY ZILLION TIMES more likely to rape women than people whose bodies can't! I can just do this all day! Little Johnny Howard, Uptight parental groups, hardcore conservatives, let's be honest here. You don't give a rats ass about the children. This is all about your own greed for power. We've got something you can't regulate and it scares you shitless. I could stare at naked women all day with no ill effects, but if you didn't like it you'd do everything you could to stop me, no matter how many people got hurt in the crossfire. If you can't regulate it, then by god you'll mess it up so bad that nobody will be able to use it! It'll be fixed so we can only visit "approved servers" and view "appropriate materials". Nevermind that we're adults and shouldn't be treated like criminals because at some point in time you were molested by your uncle cletus. That's your problem. Don't drag us into it. How about you start poking your children's eyes out before see naked bodies! You'd do that if you were really serious about shielding them from smut. Of course they might HEAR things of a sexual nature, so cut off their ears. And they might at some point be able to TOUCH SOME BOOBIES! Cut those little bastards' hands off! My main objection is one that you can see examples of all throughout history. Once you've started censoring pornography, they won't be satisfied. They'll want to censor other things. Sure it'll start small, but that's how civil liberties are destroyed. Remember Afghanistan before the taliban got to it? A second world country working it's way onto becoming a first world one. Then all of a sudden there's order. Brutal order, sure, but it's order. Of course women won't be allowed to show their faces lest they be stoned to death, but it's a small price to pay for not having to think for yourself anymore! Wow this is great! I just do what they tell me to and I won't be shot in the streets! Let's face it, once a law is on the books it's nearly impossible to get it taken off. And when it's on the books, it's perfect for exploitation by people wanting to further their own predjudices. If you're Australian, do you remember the White Australia policy? That held up well into the 70s. If you're not of Anglo Saxon descent, you'll be given a harshly predjudiced test to see if you'll be let in. And of course they reserve the right to kick you out at any time. And don't even think about settling down and having a family, because we'll throw your stinkin' kids out with you. Mmm. Real fair. I think Australia only had a short 10-20 years of proper multiculturalism before the baby boomers started complaining about qualified, more motivated people taking jobs instead of them. But let's not call it that. It's INVASION! Damn immigants takin owah jobs! Rapin owah womens! Eatin white people foods! IT'S UNHEARD OF!!! And don't even get me STARTED on those "refugees"! Wait, refugees sounds too sympathetic. They're DIRTY TERRORIST QUEUE JUMPERS! ILLEGAL IMMAGANTS!! Ship em all back to where they came from! What? It's a war zone? The war is our fault in the first place? Who cares! Send them back! It's easier to not think about human casualties when they're not dying on our doorsteps! It's so unsightly!....What? UN basic human rights agreement? I don't care if we signed it! They came into our territory so we should be able to do whatever we want with them! What was I talking about? Oh right, censorship. Once they've taken an inch, you know they're gonna take a mile. It's happened every single time throughout history. Do you think it's gonna be any different this time around? Absolute power corrupts absolutely. If you give them control over the tide of information, then they control the whole world as far as the everyday joe is concerned. If they don't want you to find out about other countries being able to vote for their leaders, and being able to voice their opinions without fear then they'll just add those topics to their "black list". Remember black lists? The HUAC commitee? Hysterical fear of communism? Well replace communism with pornography and welcome to our world. Goddamnit. I swear this country is being dragged back into the 50s whether we like it or not. Grgh. I'm out for now. Blinding anger causing incoherent arguments. Vote and bizarre linkage

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This is actually the longest newspost out of the entire site. And did you think that I may have only changed the background shape/colour of the comic, to give an unfair advantage to people who've saved their favourites to disk? Me either, but it's a good idea

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