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246: Yes...That's the best I could come up with
Yes...That's the best I could come up with

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So long, and thanks for all the fish
The comic was a lot better in my mind. Really. It's just that I can't draw caricatures all that well, so I couldn't draw George Bush Sr and George Bush Jr beating up on Saddam. But yeah, you get the idea. Just read out the movie announcer text in a really deep, action movie voice. There you go. And how about the revolutionary new THREE toned background? Yeah, it's just improving all the time round these parts. I know you're all voting, since we're not dropping, but for some reason we can't seem to break the 30s on the ranking list. More specifically, every time I check we're in the 32-34 range. Well, keep it up! There's still time left in the month to rocket up to the top 20. Speaking of rocketing, the rocketbox voting link is working now, so go and cast your vote there, if you're not too worn out from before. Anyway, now that that's all out of the way, I'm happy to announce your very first chance to buy lots of btc encrusted merchandise!. There are two images, this one is on most of them, along with the logo and url on the back, but a special few have this on one side, and that other pic on the other. The sweatshirt and totebag, if memory serves. So do your part for the economy and fight saddam AND terrorism at the same time by buying lots of stuff! Yeah! Take that Saddam! If you're not buying, at least look around the store and read my witty product descriptions. I've added a subtle store link into the nav bar on the right, so if you ever feel a compelling urge to buy something, you can get to the store easily. There'll be more designs on the way, it just takes me a while to draw these "high quality" printing images. I can turn the first bojangles pic into a wallpaper if people really want it. Just tell me in the forum. Well, like I promised last update, here's my big 2 year speechy type thing. You can just skip right to the end of the post for the bizarre linkage if you want.

I started btc just for a laugh, so I could share some jokes with my friends. As it turned out, a few other people found it funny and started spreading the word. It's actually been quite a surprise at how quickly the readership jumped from a small handful of around 50 to over 300 regular visitors. I've been through some rough patches, and have occasionally contemplated ending the comics (you've heard me bitch in the newsposts often enough lately), but after receiving some supportive type emails, I usually push those thoughts aside and keep bumbling along. When I started out, I never dreamt that I would carry on for this long, or that my cartooning skills would evolve quite so rapidly. Just judging the difference between year 1 and year 2 sorta makes you wonder where we'll be in year 3. I met some great people along the way from year 1 to year 2, foremost in my mind being Fenris, who I've quietly stolen a number of gags off without him realising it (or at least keeping quiet about it), and who is a major source of valuable reference art. Also a shoutout to my main man Beerman, who's been an invaluable source of log humour. And who I punched in the throat nearly every day for four months. In irc form at least. And let's not forget about our pal Alex, who so kindly donated this sexy php script without any type of payment at all. He too is the man now, dawg. And as always, perennial mad props to Bryce for hosting me for so long. Anyway, glad to have you around for my creation's birthday, and hopefully we'll see you around next year.

Wasn't that just special? Like a little bundle of pure love, wrapped in happy thoughts and puppydogs. Uh, I mean of puppydogs. Happy thoughts ABOUT puppdogs. Anyway, if you're new around here and are interested in learning more about btc's dark, secretive past, you can always check out the origins page. Man, I should really bundle together all the random pages I do someday. Anyway, while we're making fun of the french in the log humour, why not enjoy some more french mocking. Yes, that was an actual google result before all the idiots started posting it on forums and ruining the goodness.

Bigger Than Cheeses

IRC log humour at #btc. (For IRC, we recommend mIRC)
[14:29] <Pred> where's outside?
[14:29] <Beerman> outside the channel
[14:29] <Beerman> I visited it just then
[14:29] <Beerman> it smelled like french people
[14:30] <Pred> It smelled like Surrender?
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