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250: I dare ya
I dare ya

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So long, and thanks for all the fish
Lordy. This took so damn long to make. But hey, 90% new art! And we're at a nice round 250. Speaking of nice round things, I think I've made entire comics in less time than it took to get nat's boobs right in panel 2. But I really like panel 1. 2 hours or not. And while panel 3 may look like I just resized, I actually spent the time to draw her from scratch, and in fact managed to get it pretty close to the original.....too close actually. So yeah, that took effort and skill, not just resizing. Anyway, like the portion of my personality says, I went to see daredevil (tm)(r)(c)(etc) the other day, and it wasn't all that bad. Ben "I can't act" Affleck is perfectly cast as a blind superhero who gets beat up a lot. I don't think he's explored his true calling of getting beaten up. And Jennifer "my costar can't act" Garner is tres sexy. But seriously. This is one of the few movies where I can stomach affleck, with him being cast because he actually looks like daredevil, and not because he's just generic hollywood guy who they slap into a movie if they can't think of anyone else. I really only had a few minor gripes, like why the hell kingpin is black, and being played by the same man who represented pure love in the green mile. And also why the hell daredevil even bothers wearing a mask since it seems like every yahoo and their dog either take off his mask or stumble onto his secret identity at least twice. Seriously. It's like he's wearing a beanie on his head. Batman's mask was like sixty inches thick! To take it off he had to literally tear it apart! Remember batman returns? He tore that sucker open because he knew it would be impossible to just take it off. And for a poor lawyer taking on pro bono cases, he sure has a lot of expensive stuff. Aaanyway. I've got a lot of assignments to catch up on tomorrow, and I need my sleep. Vote btc out of 32, for god's sake, visit the forum when you're done. And enjoy your Bizarre Linkage
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