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255: Get your holy war on
Get your holy war on

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So long, and thanks for all the fish
Apologies to the originals and the best, but I wanted to do my own little tribute strip. And for those not in the know, here's some info about the concrete bombs, and also for our pal, the iraqi information minister. That's also your bizarre linkage, so don't use it all up at once. And special thanks to your friend and mine, Beerman, for all the dialogue help. Give him a big hand, folks. Seriously though, this has to be the tenth time the yankees have declared Saddam dead, or he's snuck into (insert name of country they want to bomb next), so they have to go there now. Hell, by the end of the year I won't be surprised if Saddam's "hiding" in north korea and/or vietnam. But hey, they've still got $4 billion worth of shock and awe left. Those Iraqi buildings must be made out of paper mache or something. But enough of my neverending wit. Check out all the notes I took in the lecture. And yes, that is actually the worst optimus prime drawing known to man. I was doing it from whatever sievelike organ passes as my memory. Speaking of optimus, check out dragon dan's fan art in the reader section. Hm. I'm gonna have to split that up some day, it's getting pretty big. Aaaanyway, me go now. Vote and forum. Yes, I know forum isn't a verb, but do it anyway
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