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256: I don't know what I'm doing
I don't know what I'm doing

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So long, and thanks for all the fish
Is anyone still linking to old html pages? Like, before the php came into effect and all the comics had seperate names? If you are, update your bookmarks, because I'm going to be cleaning out those referrer html files I left on the server to get you to the right place. They're clogging up all sorts of shit. The future is php! Update your links and bookmarks!

Hahaha. I have no goddamn idea what I'm doing. And the best part of this comic is that I just had to use a cheap dbz effect and some self referential humour, and it's COMEDY GOLD! Or at least fools gold. FOOLS! And how do you like Nat's new hairdo? People have been requesting she get her bangs back, and her other style was a bit of a pain anyway. And before you ask, yes, corn is the greatest vegetable ever, second only to potatos. Have you had fresh corn recently? It fucking kicks ass. Everyone needs backup corn, for just such an occasion. That's right, just such an occasion where you suddenly repeat the same facial pose only slightly different for thirty solid years, while breathing like you're about to give birth out of your face....Okay I don't know what that's supposed to mean either. And I hereby declare the terms 'exponentially incredibler' and 'neverending amounts of ass' sole property of me, and my ass. Before I progress any further, I blame this strip on reading too much Buttlord, and more specifically, Elf Only Inn. Damn you Sortelli! Why must you rock my face so much!? This comic is a lot more hilarious if you do stupid vegeta voice(tm) along with the corny (GEDDIT!?) dialogue. Panel 2 was also going to be animated, with a little mini panel of stick figure me going "Hey, this is EASY!" in the corner, but I couldn't be bothered. Crappy mini frieza was just so much easier. Alternate lines for frieza were "such intense animation" or "incredible animation". I chose hardcore because, uh, I didn't think of the other two until I'd finished making the comic and was too lazy to go back and recompile the gif. I see you're all...sorta voting, since we're holding steady around the 30s, but you can do better than that! I know you can! If you'll look over to the menu bar, you'll notice there was a big ol' cleanout over the weekend, and I compressed a lot of stuff into the brand spanking new extras page! There's also new wallpaper and a new banner for you to enjoy. From the extras page you can access all sorts of stuff like the faq and links page (both in spectacular neglect), plus there's all sorts of goodies which I've linked in newsposts but nobody ever looks at. Plus there's the all new guest strip page, containing guest strips I've done for other comics. Who, incidentally are almost all dead. Oh, that reminds me....BITRATE LIVES! LIIIVVVEEEEESSSSS!! MWAAAAHAHAHHAAHHAHAHA!!! And so on. I've compressed a number of images around the place, mostly under the hood type of stuff that you won't notice, just that some pages (*cough*readers*cough*) will now be quicker loading. Actually shaved about 400k off that page. That's quite a lot of loading for a single page, you realise. The forums are helluva lively, and I love you all. Except you. Yeah, you know who you are. And razer, stop posting goddamn links to porn. Actually, you can post links to porn, just don't post links to goatse and tubgirl level material. Yecch. I'm not sure if I bizarre linked this before, but he pities enough fools to make it worth seeing twice: THE T'INATOR.

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[12:37] <BRmike> see if i was the president everybody would get the chair
[12:37] <BRmike> even the jaywalkers
[12:37] <BRmike> especially the jaywalkers
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