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257: It's funny because....ah forget it
It's funny because....ah forget it

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So long, and thanks for all the fish
Blah. Cause mcdonalds has ronald...and he's a clown....yet we take his nutritional advice. And here's me with a stick, beating this dead horse. Hang on, let me whack it a few more times. Take THAT you stupid horse! YEAH! You think you're so good! With your decomposing, and your flies! Well I'll show you! AHAHAHA There we go. I'm not sure if boozo is boozed up, or a robo-clown. His cold, dead eyes frighten me either way. This strip also served the dual purpose of me making a Mac Hallesque making of video. Note, that's actually a colouring video, and didn't have much to do with drawing besides that kickass background that puts my entire two year webcartoonist stint to shame. I'm compressing the video at the time of writing this newspost, and hopefully it should be ready in the morning, and won't be fucking huge. And I'll have to chase down somewhere to host it, because it would murder shtank's bandwith and bryce would kill me....moreso. Also; Nat took fucking ages to draw, and I'm still not happy with her hair. Or her hand. Plus I think I inadvertantly gave her a breast reduction. Thanatos also came out like poo, and to be honest I think the screen capture software was making me a bit nervous. Yes, blame the screen capture software. You fuckers. Giving me trial runs of expensive software for free. How dare they. You'll see what I mean when the video is ready. I...GUESS you're all voting, because my hits have been up a good 200 or so lately, so good work cheesites. Keep doing whatever it is you're doing. Tell your friends to do what you're doing as well. I'll try and have something nice ready for you soonish, once midterms are over. Speaking of midterms, I took this entire "study" week and did very little study. So if I suddenly stop updating, it's because I've failed university and have gone to roam free in the african serengeti with all the other wild hobos. Or my mother killing me. Either one. I caught some sort of cold/flu majigger last week, and it's sorta making me light headed, so I'm gonna sign off now. Enjoy your Bizarre Linkage. Also: forum

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Maybe I didn't actually change anything, and this is an elaborate excuse to make everyone go through the archives and I was lying the whole time. Or maybe THIS is the lie

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[13:59] <Teegus> i have free cable
[13:59] <Teegus> beat that
[13:59] <^BahamutDuo^> i have a girlfriend, and dont need to watch tv all the time
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