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258: Stylish!

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So long, and thanks for all the fish
Hey hey! Freak got his shirt, and you can check it out in this thread from the forum. To be more specific, the photo is attached to a post on the last page. I don't have an exact url handy, because I forgot to copy it down, and I don't have the thread cached. And while I'm linking stuff, check out the comics of LifeBytes, Zipperhead and Fractal Dragon, all faithful frequenters of the rocketbox irc channel on Sorry Wine, but I don't appear to have your url handy. Drop me a line next time you're in the channel and I'll put you in the next newspost. That's right. Come to irc channels and get free plugs. Limited time only! This comic was vaguely funny in my mind, and I remember reading somewhere that humour is really just socially acceptable aggression. And don't ask how it's a pitch black cave, yet you can still make both of them out clearly. I really have to learn how to use shadows and all that stuff. And don't ask why Nat's hair is in mid sad-anime schoolgirl in the snow. I tried to convey her sudden head movement, and it just looks sorta crap. You'll notice lately that there's a lot of Thanatos 'n Nat strips, because they're the two easiest to draw (well, not counting Wang). Even though Nat technically is hard to draw, at least it's still fun to do because I'll usually come up with some way to streamline the comic process each time I try and do her differently. Actually, I try and make her fingers/hands look more dainty than the rest of the guys, but it just looks like she has claws. Gotta figure a way around that some day. Plus I just can't seem to draw Duke the same anymore. You'll see a lot of Kat whenever I get lazy and start using the templates again, but with this monday/friday schedule I feel guilty only using the template. Maybe around exam time. I think I'm starting to get the hang of drawing the latest incarnation of Nat, but I can apparently only get her breasts right when she's facing left. Odd. Plus she's gradually getting taller for some reason I can't explain. Either that or Thanatos is shrinking. And I'm not too sure if it's candy corn or candied corn, since I'm not an american and they don't sell that here, but it sounds funny don't it? Voting is needed if we're to break 32 and teach those damn spriteys a lesson. C'mon! I've done plenty of work for you, all you have to do for me is give two clicks! Well, that's it from me until your friday update I guess. Enjoy the bizarre linkage. Yes, it's work safe.
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IRC log humour at #btc. (For IRC, we recommend mIRC)
[13:32] <Goonigoogoo>
[13:33] <Goonigoogoo> Her boobs are bigger than her head!
[13:33] <bec> doesn't everyone still use dos?
[13:33] <Goonigoogoo> Crazy sega perverts
[13:33] <^BahamutDuo^> lol
[13:33] <^BahamutDuo^> thats wanky
[13:33] <^BahamutDuo^> wacky
[13:33] <^BahamutDuo^> fuck
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