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259: Swish!

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So long, and thanks for all the fish
I actually had that guts joke since before I formally made btc, so yeah. It's pretty old. Before I go on, mad shout out prop homie...bling....things to Zipperhead from the #rocketbox irc channel for his kickass piece of Kat fan art (the first kat fan art, mind you), and Evil Ceiling Fan with her wang fan art. Go to their sites. Now! Also; readers page updated. Extra props to zip for all the time he spent fixing the picture while I nitpicked. You go girl indeed. Not too much to say on the comic other than I'm trying something new with the girls' lips whenever I do a closeup like panel 3. Not really too noticeable, anyway. Sorry for the comic being so late, but I'm actually a complete fool, and didn't realise that I can't operate well for 18 hours on 4 hours of sleep. We'd better all vote extra hard to catch up this month, because movie comics is back on the list, in all their sucky glory. Hard to believe I thought they were promising. I mean, come on. Michael J Fox dropping a bottle? How is that a punchline damnit?! Maybe we'd better call something ghey! AHAHAA ME AM FUNNY! Disagree? Forum!
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[10:59] <Beerman> heterosexuality, eh
[10:59] <Beerman> well I'll try anything once
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